Activo is a recommended national supplier and installer of expansion joints as well as a range of other construction products including Expansion Joints, Fire Joints when used in conjunction with expansion joints, Stair Nose Treads, Tactiles, Anti Slip coatings, Concrete repair products, Entrance Mats, Door Threshold Ramps and Plates and Paving systems.

We work closely with the major suppliers of all architectural and civil expansion movement joint systems who manufacture not only expansion joints,and control joints, waterproof and fire rated joint systems suitable for structural and architectural environments. All works for expansion joint systems that we install are undertaken by our own workforce. With a vast and durable range of functional Expansion Joints and associated products that are specified by architects nationally, As preferred and experienced installers Activo Maintenance Products P/L is increasingly sought to provide the cost effective and no nonsense approach to the supply and installation market. Working closely with many of the major contractors nationwide and we are repeatedly called upon to assist in delivering quality products to the end user.

All of the products we supply are frequently specified by councils, developers and major construction companies. Activo Maintenance Products P/L assist in reducing maintenance issues arising from the aging asset for which they are responsible. Our clients include major operators such as Federation Centres, Westfield, Stockland, Lend Lease,Leighton Contractors,John Holland Group, Cockram Construction as well as a vast number of major sub contractors who value our expertise and honest approach. Many of the expansion joints that are installed throughout Australia can be serviced by our installation teams.

Product details and images are provided below:
Expansion Joints - Internal Environment
Durable and stylish expansion joints..
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Trafficable Waterproof Expansion Joints
Protective external waterproof movement expansion joints..
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Stair Nose Treads
Protect Stair edges and your users with quality and robust stair nosings and treads.
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Coating & Joint Systems
Trafficable Floor coating with the ability to handle up to 7.5T vehicles..
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Maintenance and Servicing of Expansion Joints
Servicing Cleaning and Maintenance of Expansion Joints and Entrance Mats using technologically advanced cleaning techniques by experienced expansion joint installers.
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Trafficable and Waterproof Low Profile Heavy Duty Expansion Joints
Introducing a new generation of external trafficable expansion joints designed to prevent water ingress at the surface of the slab. Its low profile design significantly reduces traffic noise and pedestrian trips..
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Trafficable Resin Coating Systems
Polyurethane Resin and UV stable coatings to provide a tried a tested coating system suitable for trafficked and industrial environments..
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Tactile Indicators TGSI & Tactiles
Provides safer environment and helps implement your Hazard Management Plans at enclosed and open public areas and outlets..
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Expansion Joints - Internal Environment
These stylish movement joints are specially designed for pedestrian areas in commercial and public buildings. The primary advantage of this type of joint, is that it will accommodate a high degree of horizontal, transverse and vertical joint movement while maintaining a gapfree, smooth transition from one floor slab to another. This joint is designed for maximum in-service operation, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, and minimal maintenance.

These joints are installed level with the surrounding floor finish. The coverplate and base extrusions are exposed and a blockout on either side of the joint must be provided for when the slabs are first poured. Installation of the joint is normally carried out at, or just prior to, the laying of the floor finish.

•  Available in various sizes.
•  Available in Brass with Aluminium or Stainless Steel Coverplates.
•  Suitable for commercial and public constructions.
•  Installation is carried out simultaneously with floor completion.