Activo Maintenance Products continues to install Expansion Joints, Stair Nosing, Stair Treads, Floor Coating and Tactile TGSI installations throughout Australia. In addition to installing Expansion Joint and Floor Protection Solutions at new premises, We handle maintenance, replacement and correction of expansion joints and flooring products at existing operational places like shopping centers and plazas as well as public and commercial outlets, workshops and factories, public and private traffic access points like roads and bridges.

The completed expansion joint project portfolio below outlines only a few of our completed projects to provide examples of the variety of work carried out by Activo Maintenance Products.
Expansion Joint - Cardinia Cultural Centre
The Miska MZ40 was used to replace a failing mastic joint on polished concrete floors. This product is also ideal for external car parks as an economical waterseal either exposed or installed under a cover plate system.
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Expansion Joint - Coles Store
The Miska MFB75 was used at this location to complement the stylish floor finish and provide smooth pedestrian surface.
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Expansion Joint - Epping Plaza
This new build project was a major success for all concerned and is typical of the high standard of installation workmanship provided by Activo.
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Low profile Expansion Joint after hours
This project involved working within a fully operational shopping centre. Works were completed out of hours with all areas fully functional by operating hours.
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Bridge Expansion Joints - Healesville Maroondah
The Zealseal ZS40 expansion joint was used in this project. This trafficable waterproof expansion joint is suitable for a wide range of applications from car decks in shopping centres through to high volume highway bridges. Activo Maintenance Products has been engaged to install these movement joints in locations extending from Queensland through to South Australia
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Waterproof Expansion Joint - Roof-top Car Park
Expansion Joints installed on a roof top car park providing a trafficable waterproof solution with the added feature of lower noise pollution.
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Refurbishment of a failed Control Joint
This work was as result of the wrong joint type being specified. The control joint previously chosen had a very small movement range 2-5mm. This resulted in tiles breaking when the normal and expected cycle of movement occurred in the slab. Activo were contacted and provided a detail to install the correct joint for the expected range.
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