Trafficable Waterproof Car Park Expansion Joints - External Environment
Trafficable Waterproof Expansion Joints, can be installed anywhere that has an expansion joint exposed to the elements. The potential to leak and cause expensive damage to the below assets. Protect your assets with a fully trafficable waterpoof movement joint. The systems we install are time served and leaders in their product field. Available for installations either as a retro fit or in construction stage the flexible movement joints are available to accommodate a high movement range. Extremely robust and versatile for a wide range of vehicle options. This system can be installed and fully functional with or without mechanical cover plates.

A trafficable waterproof expansion joint, this system is designed to stop ingress of water to high movement joints in a variety of building structures including car parks high pedestrian traffic areas in commercial, public as well as domestic buildings.

While this waterproof expansion joint system is well suited for car parks, walkways, podiums shopping centres, malls and industrial buildings, it is also widely used in domestic buildings such as driveways, garages and apartment car parks. It can be installed directly to the concrete face, or if specified at build stage with a steel nosing to provide additional protection.

In Summary

•  Ability to handle heavy regular vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
•  Provides the ultimate waterproof protection to may structures including leaking roof tops, car parks and podiums.
•  High degree of durability and tolerance to many chemicals and substances.
•  Stable composite with ability to accommodate vertical as well as horizontal movement skews, steps, kerbs, and around column bases.

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