Flowcrete ED and Miska ITW Car Park Expansion Joint Systems

This is a complete car park resin  flooring and waterproof expansion joint system using proven and durable materials designed to provide a car park structure against leaks through the concrete slab and expansion joints.

These systems are not only hard wearing but extremely flexible, suitable for heavy traffic and provide noise dampening attribute are low impact and minimal noise location throughout the entire joint interface.

The durable nature of the expansion joint system provide a wide range of movement options catering for many scenarios

In Summary

•  Fixes leaking car parks and external concrete slabs
•  Fully trafficable coating and waterproofing expansion joint.
•  Reduced traffic noise.
•  Low Maintenance and Ideal for new build and retro fitting car parks to replace existing metal expansion coverplate
•  Installed by Miska ITW approved waterproof expansion joint system operators.
•  Excellent movement range ability, durable and hard wearing Increase your website traffic with Attracta.com