Expansion Joints - Internal Environment
These stylish and functional expansion joints are specifically designed for locations where there is an expected movement range in excess of 10mm. Typically these mechanical joints are located in pedestrian areas within many commercial and public buildings. The primary advantage of this type of expansion joint, is that it will accommodate a high degree of horizontal, transverse and vertical joint movement while maintaining a gap free, smooth transition from one floor slab to another. The expansion joint system is designed for maximum in-service operation, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, and minimal maintenance. A heavy duty option is available where it is expected that vehicular traffic may travel across the movement joint. Available also to operate in conjunction with waterproof and fireproofing protection systems.

We supply and install a wide range of expansion joints that cater for a wide range of functional aesthetic and operational needs. The movement joints are installed level with the surrounding floor finish. The cover plate and base extrusions are exposed and a block out on either side of the expansion joint should be provided for when the slabs are first poured. A retro fit rebate can be checked out of the concrete slab or screed base, if after pouring the slabs, a change of construction detail calls for an expansion joint. Installation of the expansion joint is normally carried out at, or just prior to, the laying of the floor finish.

• In Summary

•  Available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate low to high movement ranges.
•  Available in a milled aluminium side members with aluminium or stainless steel Cover plates from 3mm to 12mm thick.
•  Suitable for commercial and public constructions.Heavy duty options are also available where larger and frequent heavy traffic is expected.
•  Installation is carried out simultaneously with floor completion with an option to add 2hr rated fire sealing and water stop systems.
•  Neoprene or Sanoprene gasket systems available for hygienic solutions in hospitals.

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