Anti Slip Stair Treads and Nosings
Activo supplied and installed non slip stair treads and nosings are ideal when there is a requirement due to building code or safety. Available with a complete range of inserts from light duty vinyl through to a robust and heavy duty carborundum and epoxy resin. The aluminium is available in a range of anodised and shaped finishes from bull nose, straight and curved. Square backed to allow for tiled and carpet finishes. Or in the situation of retro fit also avaiable with a diminishing edge.

The products in this category are high performance, durable products which can be used in both hard wearing industrial environments as well as light duty office and retail areas such as shops offices vehicle access points factories, warehouses, plants and storerooms. A fantastic range of coloured inserts and finishes is also available

•  Hardwearing and Durable.
•  Available in Light duty as well as heavy duty milled aluminium.
•  Range of colour inserts and anodised finishes.
•  Slip Resistant upto R13 dependant upon product selected.