Directional Indicators and Tactiles
Directional Indicators and Tactiles TGSI are now an integral component of new and refurbished structures including hotel buildings, open public areas as well as pulic and private service facilities such as transport hubs, aged care facilities,shopping malls, educational facilities, hospitals walkways and areas with the potential to obstruct the visually impaired person. Directional Indicators and Tactiles are required to provide safety and delineation to the vision impaired and can in certain environments act as deterrents to board skating and other undesired traffic.

Activo is a recommended supplier and installer of a variety of Stainless Steel Poly plastic and sheet/panel Directional Indicators and Tactiles from suppliers such as Latham, Miska, Pathfinder and Guardian and has installed directional indicators and tactile combination systems in many locations and can provide advice and planning on Pedestrian Hazard Prevention to clients.

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