Low Profile Trafficable Watertight Expansion Joint System
The CP range of Low Profile Trafficable Watertight Expansion Joint Systems allow the smooth movement of vehicles and pedestrians over expansion joints.With a minimium number of moving parts this expansion joint greatly reduces maintenance costs usually associated with expansion joints.Ideally suited for all external car parks with traffic speeds under 20kph and vehicle mass less than 11T the CP range of expansion joints are an ideal addition to any structure where vehicle movements transgress through expansion zones. Whilst also managing the ingress of water into the below assets.

The system is, not only functional and appealing, but also has a unique textured surface that greatly reduces slips.

If you want a reliable watertight and low bump vibration expansion joint system for all car parks, at an economical rate the CP system is the ideal solution. Ideally used in new construction it can also be retrofitted into aged environments where old systems have failed. Using our trained and experienced installers directly employed by Activo Maintenance Prodcuts P/L we offer a fast and hassle free installtion service.

The CP expansion joint is also suitable for internal environments where water ingress requires a watertight seal. The product can be installed as a surface or flush mounted option.

The complete range of CP expansion joints cover a movement range from 12mm through to 95mm with three sized options.

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