Decorative Porous Resin Stone Systems Tree Basins and Vehicle Parking Areas
Resin Bound Porous Paving Systems help to manage the flow of water into the substrate thus reducing the loss of storm water. by allowing water to permeate through the porous stone. As soon as the water passes over the porous paving it drains down to the root system where its needed. The porous stone basin system acts as a water ratainer within the basin area which then allows for drainage into the root system with minimum loss of water.

The system is, not only decorative and appealing, but also advanced in the way it performs its purpose. The drainage is achieved by ensuring specific sizing of Porous Resin Stone that drains water in a uniform fashion accross the entire basin with drainage system that is hardly visible, yet, highly effective to ensure accurate drainage into the basin area with minimal waste caused by evaporation.

If you want a reliable water saving system for trees and large bushes, the Stone resin porous system is the ideal solution. Using a nominal depth of stone with an interlocking geofabric membrane to reduce the likely hood of reflective cracking. These items will pay for themselves with the savings on maintenance and water expenses within less than 12 months of installation.

The porous resin bound stone system is also an ideal solution for providing offroad parking facilities, turning barren and wasted areas into highly sought after relaxation and comfort zones. Many environmetally conscious councils now insist on hard standing areas for parking of vehicles to be of a porous nature. This has traditionally been met by the use of loose gravel type products. These products whilst acceptable tend to migrate to areas not required and in certain circumstances end up scratching the internal flooring of buildings by being tracked in on foot wear. The Porous Resin Stone Systems will remove that and the issue of permeable drainage, whilst providing a highly decorative and functional zone for your vehicles and tranquility for you.

The complete range of our resin bound porous paving systems are available in a wide range of stone, pebble and glass with a fantastic rainbow of colour options.

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