Survey and Maintenance of Expansion Joints
Activo Maintenance Products provide an excellent service whereby we can periodically monitor the performance of your installed expansion joints. As with everything in life regular maintenance and servicing is critical to the long term success of most products. Activo Maintenance Products P/L is ideally suited and skilled for the tasks required and offer a unique cleaning and maintenance service not offered by any other company in Australia. Working closely with the asset owner we will develop a maintenance and cleaning programme that suits your commercial and functional requirements. Ultimately you will be provided with the best advice and service from installers who understand how expansion joints function. Our cleaning process uses state of the art equipment that removes dirt and grime with vacuum, uses only clean water once does not recycle dirt water to "CLEAN" the next section of joint and vacuums the water away leaving your expansion joint clean and dry. We can also clean entrance mats, removing chewing gum and ground in dirt that has never been successfully dealt with. Remember we don't use dirty water and a mop and sweeper to clean your assets we only use clean water every time all of the time.

In Summary.

•  Ability to carry out all of your maintenance and servicing of expansion joints, entrance mats, and other items such as drink fountains.
•  Out of hours service.
•  Experienced installers complete the service and maintenance calls.
•  Specialist equipment that cleans and sanitises all types of asset using only clean water.
•  Chewing gum removal from concrete floors, carpets tiled areas as well as tile grout cleaning.

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